Friday, January 13, 2012

 Please cut it out! Stop this Dwight Howard nonsense. Now don't get me wrong Dwight Howard is an incredible player and probably the most dominant center in the game and I wouldn't mind having him, but Amare and Carmelo coexisting is not the problem the problem is a floor general thats it. If you look at the teams these guys came from they all had facilitators. Melo had billups, Amare had Nash and Tyson had Kidd. So no its not the fact they can not coexist if you ask me it is the point guard situation and this handicap bench you have. If you wan't to be a championship team you have to be consistant I used to place blame on Mike D'antoni but I see he is making the proper adjustments. I think he is starting to realize you dont win a game by shooting every 7 seconds. He has to realize he doesn't have a Barbosa ,Joe Johnson, and Steve Nash. That run and gun might be entertaining but it is not going to win you championships. D'antoni please gets this in your head. Defense wins championship the Knicks went to the finals in 94 because they were agreat defensive teams. The Bulls won titles because they was a great defensive team. The Miami Heat are a great defensive teams this is a key ingredient that has to be acclimated within the culture. Now me personaly I would look for some defensive minded players. They have a offense that compliments shooters but guess what D'antoni? YOU DON"T HAVE SHOOTERS! You have slashers you have a bunch of Rodney Stuckeys out there get a better bench and acquire a point guard and you will be in good shape the beauty of it is he doesn't have to be great or good he just has to be good facilitator like a Andre miller. Be patient fans will come together and don't pay attention to dudes who have never won a championship uh hem(Charles Barkley)

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