Monday, January 16, 2012

Listen I already told you guys they were going to lose in Orlando. I give alot of credit to Carmelo Anthony I ,mean this guy had a sprained wrist, sprained ankle lower back problems, and a hip contusion and still managed to pull off a 33 point game against Orlando I'm not happy with his shooting percentage but hey the guy had half a body. Now i'm not that mad its hard to defend a 3 pointer either it goes in or it doesn't you play  the man put a hand up and see what happens but what did bother me is Carmelo's comment before the game, when they asked what was the reason for the knicks woes he said "I think we need to have fun" I said to my self is this guy getting high on his own supply? FUN? IMAGINE YOU ASKING MICHAEL JORDAN why did the bulls lose a  game and he said well "ME AND SCOTTIE JUST NEED TO HAVE FUN" next think you know he's going to say lets wear pink underwear and dance in the rain What is on Carmelo's mind? please tell  me..The intelligent level has completely disintegrated since the likes of Karl Malones, Hakeem Olajuwans and the Patrick Ewings. Fans this is definently one of those moments when keeping it real goes wrong. On another note Tony Douglas definently started to get back in rhythm which is sad because he'll be traded soon along wwith the rest of the other bums on the bench. News flash you are not going to win withthese players let alone a championship its just not going to happen. If the knicks are smart they will make a run at Kevin Martin,Wilson chandler,Steve nash contract expires this year so he would be an excellent pick up could you imagaine Carmelo and Amare running the wings with steve Nash coming down Court? Sheesh Untill they make some key acquisitions be prepared to get used to a 500 ball club if that!!!!!! Me personally I would of traded Amare for dwight if I could then trade Tyson louis scola wait for baron to come back keep melo trade douglas and fields for some defensive minded players and see what I can do for andre miller. But we know thats a fantasy the point is untill they get a better bench you can bet we won't be getting any jewelry any time soon knick fans. Also keep a eye on Russel Westbrook he is not getting along with Durant whick is sad because they are a great team but look forward to them getting broken up because Russel Westbrook is a maniac that needs to be put on meds peace

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