Friday, January 13, 2012

LMAO can they coexist they practically premeditated this deal. Lets be realistic fans players talk as a matter a fact I think the players in the league are more accommodated with each other then ever before the NBA is damn near a fraternity. These players call each other and discuss where you going what you doing what did your agent say and so fourth. So for those who say Amare has lost his light since Carmelo has came maybe so but he knows that he can't do it by himself  and I do believe they both want a ring now I know where going to hear the fire d'antoni chants again since they lost to the grizzlies but guess what Miami went 9-8 at the beginning of there season and made it all the way to the finals doc rivers was hearing the chants of get out of here and he is arguably in my opinion the best coach in the game so I say give it some time. New Yorkers love instant gratification it doesn't always work like that especially with the short season. They have to run a half court offense, move the ball around pressure the ball,gel, learn each other when you are building a team it is also like developing a relationship you have to know each others like and dislikes. They will get now if there 15 games under 500. then going in to mid season then yeah get him out of here till then be  cool. Not to mention I think Amare needs to do some  extra stretching before the game its to many plays when he is just not looking agile and his first step just looks stiff. Other then that if some gets a severe injury then it's time to worry.

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