Tuesday, January 10, 2012

 Welcome to Talk Knicks Now! The blog site for Knicks fans by Knicks fans! Today I wan't to touch on our status quo of our organization. The big question Knick fans, is this our year? Despite starting off on a sluggish and dismal 2-4 start the Knicks have won there last three games. Leaving them over 500. Well Knick fans I think we have some reasons to be optimistic. For one we have arguably the best front court in the league. Yes are defense  has given roller coaster numbers but may I add that this kid Iman Shumpert who has a 11 steals for the year 2.2 on average has been phenomenal.They have been holding there opponents to 95.3 points a game which is an drastic improvement from there 107 points a game last year. mike D'antoni has stated in recent reports thats Baron Davis is expected to join the team before the end of this month. Which will be tremendous where talks about a veteran point guard only 32 years old that can give you 16 points and 7 assist a game and he will be motivated. Yes I know what your thinking well this guy is iffy and your not sure if your going to get Tempo Controlling point that Baron can be or The Baron that showed up 20 pounds over weight at clippers practice. The fact of the matter if Baron is on a team that he knows doesn't have a chance to win he will take advantage of that and will not be motivated, he's going to tell you he's out 8-10 weeks when he really could be ready in two he's going to come to practice overweight. Now that he has some motivation and his first shot at getting a title expect for Baron to come up big this season! Please post comments and anyquestions you might have.

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